Literary Orphans has its roots as a short fiction and art magazine, and within that Derridean binary, fiction comes first. Yeah. If we're forced to pick sides we'd leave art on the Titanic, but we'd still love it, too; really, and we'd have horribly bad nightmares while we spent a blissful life raising fiction up to be an astronaut.

We accept all types of fiction. We have a need for micro fiction, flash, and short stories. As long as it's 2,000 words or under (1,500 is our sweet spot), send it over. Due to our high volume of submissions, please send us your absolute best piece. If you've got one or two "best" pieces, feel free to send them both, but try to limit multiple submissions to two or less in a 60-day time-span (totaling no more than 2,000 words between them).

If it's longer than 2,000 words, query first at Let us know how long and why you feel this longer piece would be a great fit.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.