Literary Orphans Journal is a DIY-style online literary journal. Since our launch over 5 years ago, we've had over 70 photographers and artists featured in our pages. All of us here do this for the love of the craft; we love writing, we love art, we love the magic those two things make when they're forged together and weaponized. 

Literary Orphans (LO) is a free journal and is committed to remaining so. We do not charge for submissions nor do we plan to. The journal is supported by the senior staff as a labor of love. As such, unfortunately we cannot offer any payment for this position.

What we can offer however is exposure, experience, and networking opportunities. Our first issue attracted under 1,000 unique viewers--now each issue brings in over 20,000 during its 2 month broadcast. Each year at LO, we clock in over 100,000 unique viewers, with many of these viewers being dedicated regulars. 

Each issue of LO features around 30 writers. The Art Editor can read these as they are selected in our submissions manager, and then solicits artists they think will pair well with the issue. Every writing piece generally contains 2 (or more) art pairings selected from the online pool of photographers. The Art Editor uploads these to the corresponding story, laying them out in the way they think best captures to essence of the piece and accentuates the artistry. The final step for the Art Editor is to compile a central hub "artist page" for the artists featured in the issue; where they write a brief artistic analysis of the artist they selected.

LO publishes bi-monthly, so roughly 6-7 issue per year. The time commitment for each issue varies and is somewhat subjective, but is roughly 20-30 hours of work per issue.

-Downloading and uploading photos
-Soliciting artists to feature their work
-Clear writing and communication skills
-Skill in navigating and using Submittable and Wordpress platforms (training & help provided)
-Experience using Adobe Photoshop
-Familiarity with HTML (not often used, but training and help provided)

-Finding and soliciting artists (2-3 per issue)
-Selecting photographs that match "Tone and Focus" of stories/poems
-Uploading and styling/fitting photos on the LO website
-Creating a featured profile for artists on issue's main Table of Contents (TOC)
-Artist write-up
-Interviewing artist
-Potential other duties requested

Literary Orphans Journal thinks left and thinks big-tent. We are actively looking to promote minority artists often excluded from a bougie, white-washed literary scene.